Fosjoas self-balancing electric unicycle, a great fun to ride

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-05-15

Abstract: Many celebrities like to ride the Fosjoas as a personal transport. It’s not only fun but also stylish. Once you step on the wheel, you will have a different riding experience that you are almost floating literally on the ground.


As a new form of transport, the Fosjoas electric unicycle provides a different solution to the current urban life. Given the fun and portable features, it's considered the next generation of vehicle suitable for short distance trips. As a stylish and future-concept contraption, Fosjoas is endorsed by many celebrities to make appearance on different public occasions. As a matter of fact, the Fosjoas is no privilege of celebrities, it is favored and being rode by many young people especially those live in urban areas. Actually, once you step on the Fosjoas, wherever you are, you'll be the center of the attention. You'll be stopped and asked questions by those who are so curious about the device. The Fosjoas is becoming a common device for the public thanks to the affordable price and the company's commitment to the alleviation of air pollution and the promotion of green travel. This kind of device is incented with the future-concept technology. It's an electric powered self-balancing unicycle that used gyro-sensors to detect the tilting of the device and to keep balance and control speed by the built-in intelligent chip. In addition, the Fosjoas is quite safe. Though there’s only one wheel and the rider control the wheel hands-free, the Fosjoas is designed to guarantee the rider's safety. When the speed is too fast, that is, above 12km/h, the front of the treadles will rise slightly to prevent the rider from acceleration. When the speed reaches 18km/h, the buzzer will beep to alert the rider to decelerate so as to prevent potential injuries.

Fosjoas unicycle

Geared with high quality motor and original battery, the Fosjoas can cope with different terrains and quite a long distance. It's really a good choice for you to scoot to your working place or just to go to nearby groceries. The Fosjoas is really a contraption that you can’t miss.