scooter one wheel

Note: support Android4.3 or higher version as well as ios7.0 or higher version.

  • More than one pose

    FOSJOAS fire-new interface design makes it more convenient with comprehensive functionalities.Enjoy the new excitement.

  • Open blue-tooth Touch button.

    Turn on App, and connect it with your loved vehicle via wireless net. Then all information is known. On the main interface it shows current speed, and mileage. And you can easily lock it as well as control headlight and atmosphere lights.

  • Check the status of your vehicle anytime and anywhere.

    Pull out the sidebar to check basic information about battery, speed, mileage, running time, voltage, current, posture, setting and help & support.

  • Adjust the settings at will

    Easy to change the background pictures and set the speed limit, headlight, etc.

  • Real-time GPS Get a good knowledge of the travel.

    To experience a more convenient life, you can check the current location and itinerary records of your vehicle through App’s real-time location.



Do I need to license my FOSJOAS?

Licensing system varies in different countries. Please refer to local laws and regulations or enquire with official institutions concerned for corresponding policy. Generally FOSJOAS is not allowed in motorized vehicle lanes or highways.

How to set up the FOSJOAS?

Please refer to the Installation part in this user manual.

How to charge the FOSJOAS?

Please charge the unit with the charger included in standard accessories. The charger is 220V ready chargeable.

My FOSJOAS tilts backward in motion, is it normal?

It's normal when FOSJOAS is running on low battery. You can simply solve it by powering off the unit and charge it to the full.In another scenario, the unit may also tilt backward when it’s running at a high speed to shift the rider’s center of gravity backward and prevent further acceleration.

Can I customize FOSJOAS to lift the speed limit?

Sorry can’t over speed protection is designed to ensure player’s own safety during usage.

How can I tell whether my FOSJOAS is fully charged or not?

There’s a charging indicator light on the charger. A red indicator light indicates that FOSJOAS is under charging and a green one indicates that FOSJOAS is fully charged or not charged.

Can I ride it on motorways?

Please don't unless it has a motor license. In most countries, you're supposed to steer it only on non-motorized vehicle lanes.

Should I power off FOSJOAS to charge or not ?

Please power off FOSJOAS for charging.

What if program crashes?

Please restart the program.

Can I set the speed limit and lock it through app when FOSJOAS scooter is riding?

No, you can’t. It can be locked or set the speed limit when it’s in static condition.