FOSJOAS U1DesignFunction Parameter



fosjoas U1

redefine the future travel mode

Mini appearance, Brilliant performance

Low underpan and mini appearance reduce wind resistance. With low center of gravity, the vehicle can runs more safely.

Fosjoas U1 mini personal two wheel transporter scooter function

Working time from 9:00am

New fashion concept: drive following your heart

Liberate your hands and you can go through any paths. You are the most attractive one in the street.

Wireless remote control

The remote control keys are glittering and translucent which brings control comfort. Four buttons in the key covers various functions. The key is distinguished into different colors and shapes according to the use frequency. There is also a button backup. Hence, you can play it care-freely.

Fosjoas U1 sitting posture self-balancing scooter wireless remote control

Mini, light and handy

It is the extension of your car, an elf passing through in the city Light weight and mini structure, it can be easily conquered even by a small girl.

Original export lithium battery Inside

The battery features numerous recharge times, 3.8 times life expectancy and 2.9 times duration of ordinary lithium batteries. With the dual-core and double battery protection boards, it can work independently. When on electric board is invalid, the other will make the scooter slow down gradually to ensure safety.

Fosjoas U1 cheap smart self-balancing scooter battery


Comprehensive protection



    Effectively avoid battery damage caused by over-discharge.



    Effectively avoid battery damage caused by overcharge.



    Employ active protection technology to avoid mainboard and battery damage caused by short circuit.



    Intelligent real-time detection of in-out current and automatic power cut in case of overpower.



    Use thermistor and temperature control system to ensure a safe temperature range for the battery.



    Special electronic technique is applied to minimize single voltage deviation and raise battery efficiency.

Different uses are for different occasions.

Thought it has light and handy appearance, it can be turned 180 ° and the sensitivity is increased by 60%. You can ride it to work, travel, shopping or date. You can travel freely no matter in flat road or a curved path.

Endless power stems from powerful core.

U1’s motor is made of well-known brand N45 magnetic steel and 270 silicon steel sheet material, which makes the operating power is increased by 50% and is quiet with lower energy consumption.

Fosjoas U1 smart self-balancing scooter tire

U1 + data cloud + APP

Connecting U1 to your world

The central control chip equipped in the inside will collect data and wirelessly transmit it to your phone. Through instant analysis and arithmetic, it can get visual data which can feedback to the user by App in real time.

Fosjoas U1 two wheel self-balancing scooter app
  • Data statistics

  • travel path

  • Vehicle positioning

  • burglar alarm

Phone APP
everything is in control

You can check the electric quantity and riding record etc. in real time and realize travel elegantly as well as comprehensive experience.