Riding Fosjoas electric unicycle

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-05-14

Abstract: Portable and lightweight, the Fosjoas is like a brisk dancer whizzing through lanes and streets. While the cars are stuck in the traffic congestion, the Fosjoas can help you drive through narrow pavements and even cut shorts, leaving those stuck on the roads in both awe and envy.

Riding Fosjoas electric unicycle like a dancer

The Fosjoas is not only unique but also stylish. It can often be seen being rode freely on the pavements. With the population of private car owners constantly increasing, it becomes a fact that the traffic is posing a really big problem for the city. Therefore, driving a car may not be the best way to go to work anymore, as there are too many chances of traffic congestions that you may come across on your way to work and apart from this, the air pollution of cars doesn't go with the green lifestyle that the governments are constantly advocating.

Under this circumstance, the electric unicycle wins favor by many people. It is a future-concept invention that overturns people’s comprehension to transport. The electric unicycle is considered the next generation of personal transport. It is not only an alternative to cars and bikes, but also a fun contraption for daily entertainment.

 Fosjoas electric unicycle

Currently, the Fosjoas has three series of self-balancing products, each with unique features. The Fosjoas V6 is an outstanding model belonging to the X series. It is very portable and weighs only 11kg, which equals to the weight of a one-year-old baby. The Fosjoas self-balancing unicycle is based on the aviation altitude technology and the rider can control the direction and speed of the wheel merely by body inclination. The rider leans forward to make the wheel go forward, backward to go backward. It’s pretty easy. The Fosjoas is super quiet and once the rider get master of the wheel, he/she can ride swiftly like a swallow gliding above the ground.

More and more people, especially the youth in urban cities begin to notice and love the Fosjoas self-balancing unicycle. They like the unconstrained feeling on the wheel that it’s like they are on wings and can fly to the destination.