FOSJOAS V5 Review: a device worth having

Source:FOSJOAS begin Time: 2015-05-12

Abstract: The FOSJOAS is easy to learn and has multi-functions. It has excellent performance with affordable performance, which suits students’ requirement.


I’m a freshman now and I’m always ready to try new stuff. The first time I came across electric unicycle, the smart device amazed me. Out of curiosity, I googled electric unicycle and found out that it’s not just a transport but can be used for many different purposes and it’s a great fun. So I decided to buy one after browsing many reviews.

self-balancing one wheel electric scooter

This kind of stuff should be very tough because it’s not only served as a recreational tool, it’s also a transport that have to be used every day. As to which brand I have to choose, I really had no idea in the beginning, as I discovered that there were so many brands. After making some comparison, I finally chose FOSJOAS electric two-wheeled scooter V5.


The FOSJOAS electric scooter V5 is very portable and looks stylish in design. However, most importantly, it’s easy to learn, as the unicycle actually has two wheels adjacently set together which increases the riding stability. This kind of dual-wheeled unicycle is only available with the FOSJOAS brand. Compared to the single-wheeled electric unicycle, which is relatively harder to keep the balance on the wheel, a dual-wheeled one is much easier to handle. Normally, one has to spend 1 to 3 days get the hang of a single-wheeled unicycle. But, for a dual-wheeled unicycle, there’s barely learning curve and one hour is enough to master it. For those who are good at skateboarding, they can just step on and go right away.

two-wheel electric scooters

Though dual-wheeled, the FOSJOAS electric self-balancing scooter V5 is still agile enough to take turns, accelerate and decelerate. It’s equipped with a Sony lithium battery that is powerful enough to travel for a maximum of 65km. I made a test of it by riding it around the sports ground for 20 times. It turned out that the 4 battery indication lights were all on, meaning that the battery was still full. It was really amazing.


The FOSJOAS V5 is very safe. It has danger precaution system installed. If the rider goes too fast and exceeds the safety speed, the buzzer will beep to alert, and the treadles will automatically rise to prevent the rider from making further acceleration. Also, when the power is below 15%, the device will also beep to remind the rider to mount off so as to prevent potential injuries.