My Favorite 20-Year-Old Birthday Gift-Fosjoas K3 Sitting-Posture Electric Scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-01-14

Eric is my cousin and he owns a Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard. He often rides it in front of me proudly. I envy him so much. Now, I don't need to envy him anymore, because my parents buy a Fosjoas K3 sitting-posture self-balancing electric scooter as 20-year-old birthday gift for me. I was so exciting when I opened the box. With the help of my father, I assembled Fosjoas K3 scooter successfully. I also want to share my riding experience with more people.

According to the name, Fosjoas K3 electric scooter adopts sitting-posture riding mode and it is equipped with a soft leather saddle, which offers comfortable riding experience and won't make me fatigued after long-time riding. Under the saddle, there is an original hydraulic suspension unit, which can absorb shocks on bumpy roads and control speed when going downhill so as to protect me. In the meantime, an automatic steering-sensor system is installed on the back of saddle. When I turn my body and intend to turn left, the left iridescent light will blink. It largely protects my riding safety, especially in the night. Besides, it is also equipped with an electronic brake system. The specifications say that electronic brake system offers a quick and accurate brake with only 50mm stopping distance. Above all, I can ride Fosjoas K3 scooter at ease.

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Since I own Fosjoas K3 self-balancing scooters, all of my daily travels can be covered by it. My university is 12km away from house. Previously, I get used to taking bus or my father's car to go to school. But now, I can ride my loved Fosjoas K3 scooter and my parents don't worry about my safety. Meanwhile, I also can ride it and weave in the big campus freely. On weekends, I also can ride it to meet my girl friends. I love it so much.