Fosjoas U1 Mini Electric Scooter, an Excellent Tool for My Grandpa to Walk His Loved Dog

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-01-18

My grandpa is a very humorous old man. He has three children and he lives with us. In the day, my parents have to work and I have to attend school. Thus, my grandpa often stays at home alone and his only companion is Mark, a teddy bear, because my grandma passed away three years ago. Every morning, he gets up very early and walks Mark in the park. Formerly, he walks Mark on foot. In fact, my parents worry about his safety for a long time, but suffer from no suitable solution. But now, everything changes because of a new arrival in our family and its name is Fosjoas U1 mini electric unicycle, which is the Christmas gift that I gave my grandpa.

Compared with peers, my grandpa has supple and flexible limbs, because he sticks to taking exercise every day. Therefore, it is a piece of cake for my grandpa to ride Fosjoas U1 self-balancing scooter. It is equipped with a flexible saddle and thus it has double riding modes. Then, grandpa can ride it by standing or sitting-posture. Meanwhile, it is based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to keep itself balanced, which makes riding very easy. Every morning, grandpa rides it and walks Mark leisurely.

electric two wheeled scooter - u1

Fosjoas U1 electric motor is more than a tool for walking the dog. Now, it is also an exclusive transport of grandpa. Recently, he loves to play chess with some friends in the afternoon. Previously, it takes him about 20 minutes to get there. Nowadays, he starts to ride Fosjoas U1 two-wheel electric self-balancing scooter and only costs him 10 minutes at most. Later life is very important for the elderly, but most of them are lonely because their children have busy work. Fosjoas U1 will be their best friend.