A Famous collector of FOSJOAS intelligent self-balancing scooters

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-02-03

In the world, there are many collectors, whose interests vary largely, including from antiques to stamps and from transformers to cigarette cases. Some collections are so formidable that the common people cannot imagine for example antiques, whereas others are outlandish and bizarre. There is not proper or right reason to judge one certain collection, for it is merely personal interest. There is a collector, called Swift, who has a strong fondness for intelligent self-balancing electric scooter. From the advent of electric self-balancing scooter in the year of 2003 on, he has collected a lot of intelligent self-balancing scooters. Some look out of date, some strange and some stylish and ahead of time. When being asked about his interest, he is always reducing it to two issues-personal interest and the pursuit of novelty.

Amongst his collection of electric scooters, FOSJOAS is Swift's favourite brand. The electric scooters of this brand are famed for its advanced technology and innovation. Swift thinks highly of FOSJOAS two-wheeled intelligent scooter K3 and U3. He describes the two models as the ultimate in portfolio of FOSJOAS, which are ahead of time. Strings of latest technology are wrapped into the two models. Swift is impressed by the technology of wireless connection. Via the technology, he can connect his mobile phone into his FOSJOAS K3. What he need do is to download an APP online. The download is free. He usually compliments the convenience of this technology. Now the two models are the credit to his whole collection of electric self-balancing scooters.

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Apart for collecting electric self-balancing unicycle of one or another sort, Swift also rides his collected intelligent self-balancing scooter. Swift not only owns several years' experience of collection, but also is good at riding them. He takes pride in this riding skill on FOSJOAS electric unicycle V6. This model is the classic one amongst the lines of FOSJOAS. His riding skill is always striking viewers as thrilling and amazing.