Hyman's New Fosjoas Electric Self-balancing Scooter U3

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-02-16

For the moment, friends and neighbours of Hyman are talking about his new electric unicycle U3. Last week, Hyman placed an order for Fosjoas U3. Shortly after he took delivery of his ordered electric scooter the day before yesterday, he posted the photos of Fosjoas U3 and riding it on Facebook. It soon becomes the talk of his friends and colleagues. Now almost everyone who sees Hyman will talk about the Fosjoas U3 with him. They ask the performance, riding experience, price, and the value for money and so on. Hyman values its performance and design highly.

According to the introduction by Moben Global Inc. Fosjoas U3 is equipped with a powerful thrust. The potent battery compliments the bodywork. When it runs, the strong thrust will provide a powerful driving force. During the trial ride, Hyman in person felt the strong thrust. He thinks the thrust of U3 is far larger than Fosjoas V9, although they are both the models of self-balancing two-wheeled scooters. One time, he rode it in the open air. The path was not even. But it was no problem for Fosjoas U3. It still passed the path. According to Moben Global Inc., it even can conquer some craggy paths. Hyman likes his scooter very much, thereby not trying it on these rough terrains. Seen from the previous showing, Fosjoas U3, Hyman believes, can make it without any hitch.

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In addition, Hyman thinks the design of Fosjoas U3 two wheel self balancing scooter is fairly considerate. The first considerate design is its handlebars. The threaded handlebars offer a comfortable grip and make the rider hold on to it tight, enhancing the safety factor. The amounted wing in the front of bodywork is also praiseworthy. Since it is positioned as a personal ATV, it is naturally to be used off-road. The wing goes a long way towards shielding U3 from dirty and muddy water spattering over it.