Fosjoas Electric Unicycle V6 Vs Fosjoas Twin-wheeled Intelligent Scooters

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-02-25

Darwin is a scooter-lover and at the same time he is a collector of electric self-balancing scooters. At home, there are many kinds of intelligent self-balancing scooters, FOSJOAS example FOSJOAS electric unicycle and FOSJOAS twin-wheeled intelligent scooters. These models were bought by Darwin years ago. As he accumulated, the number of electric self-balancing scooters at home becomes more and more. He does not only collect these models, but also he is an expert in riding and knowledge of the performance of these models. Hereby Darwin will introduce them to us today so that more and more scooter-lovers will pick up more knowledge about FOSJOAS single- and twin-wheeled intelligent scooters.

FOSJOAS electric unicycle V6 is a basic model. Why is FOSJOAS V6 one-wheel electric unicycle termed as basic? Darwin tells us, the subsequent models like twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter V2 and V8 derive from V6. They are designed on the basis of FOSJOAS V6. Darwin describes FOSJOAS V6 as the origin of these twin-wheeled scooters. Since V2 and V8 are from FOSJOAS V6, many scooter-lovers resist if comparing the single-wheeled intelligent scooter to the twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter, is one superior to either? When being asked about this, Darwin shakes his head in dissent. He adds that each model has its own features and characteristics.

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Darwin thinks highly of the agility of FOSJOAS V6. When it runs on the direct road, it might show no advantage compared with V2 or V8. However, on a bend, FOSJOAS V6 will exude its amazing agility. The single-wheeled structure will make for easy turning. Contrary, V2 and V8 are dwarfed by V6 in terms of agility. If we talk about the ease of steer, V2 and V8 will beat FOSJOAS V6 obviously. The twin-wheeled scooters are more popular with those common players. They are not patient to learn and therefore the twin wheel electric scooters like V2 and V8 meet their demand. But all veterans prefer FOSJOAS V2. Whether one is superior to either, as Darwin recounts, depends heavily on the riders.