Fosjoas U3 SUV Electric Scooter Appears on Golf Course

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-03-11

When it comes to more and more popular intelligent self-balancing balancing electric unicycle, I am particularly interested in Fosjoas U3 SUV scooter. Just as its name implies, it is widely applied to some outdoor activities, because its 16-inch and high-quality tyres have much better adaptability to some difficult road conditions, such as soft grassland, rugged mountain road, hard cement road or muddy road and so on. In the meantime, I am big fan of golf. Today, I invited some golf friends and went to golf course that we are used to go. What surprised me is that staffs of golf course rode Fosjoas U3 SUV electric scooter to collect balls.

On the practice ground, a staff who carried a basket by left hand and held a ball arm by right hand rode Fosjoas U3 SUV electric scooter on golf ground to pick scattering balls here and there. Generally speaking, there are top three reasons why Fosjoas U3 electric scooter is used by golf staff. First of all, Fosjoas U3 electric scooter adopts two high-quality and 16-inch tyres. Meanwhile, the surface of tyres is designed into unique tread pattern. Then, its tyres have better adaptability to some difficult road conditions, let alone soft and flat grassland. Secondly, U3 electric scooter is equipped with the lithium-ion battery with the biggest capacity-680Wh, which offers the maximum range of 60km. Thus, it is enough for a staff to work a whole day. Thirdly, finishing all controls of Fosjoas U3 electric scooter via adjusting body gravity. For example, leaning forward realizes moving forward, while leaning backward stops it.

U3 electric unibike

Applying Fosjoas U3 electric self-balancing unicycle to golf course has important meanings. On the one hand, the staff’s work efficiency is obviously improved, which also can cut staff number and thus save cost for company. On the other hand, the work intensity of staff is reduced a lot.