Fosjoas K2 Electric Scooter, an Indispensable Tool in Trunk

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-03-15

In my daily life, Fosjoas K2 self-balancing two wheel electric scooter is a good helper.

I ride it to go to work on Monday morning so as to avoid traffic jam. I also ride it to go to gym after supper. In other time, it is mainly put in my trunk. Tonight, it gives me a great help and I am willing to share it with more people. It tells me that every trunk needs a type of Fosjoas K2 electric scooter.

After work, some of my good friends invited me to take a small party with them and I drove my car to go to appointed destination. Generally speaking, liquor is the key to increase party atmosphere. Undoubtedly, I also drank some red wine but not much. After party, I intended to take taxi home, but it was too late and no taxi on road. Considering my house was 3km away and I was not drunk then, I took out my Fosjoas K2 self-balancing scooter and decided to ride it home. It turned out that I truly made it and returned home safe and sound.

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Different from other transports, Fosjoas K2 self-balancing electric scooter offers high riding safety. First and foremost, it keeps itself balanced by adopted aerospace attitude control theory,fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. In other words, I can control it by changing my body gravity. For example, if I lean forward, Fosjoas K2 self-balancing scooter will speed up automatically, while if I lean backward, it will slow down. More importantly, the maximum speed of Fosjoas K2 self-balancing scooter is 20km/h. Once my speed reaches 20km/h, it won’t further accelerate no matter how hard I lean forward, which, actually, fully protects the safety of riders. All in all, if you have private car like me, don’t forget to put Fosjoas K2 electric scooter in trunk.