A Week With Fosjoas K3 Sitting-Posture Electric Scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-03-22

Last Sunday, my private car was sent to repair factory because I had a car crash with the other car. The maintenance man there told me that I could take back my car a week later. I was totally shocked. How could I go to work and return home every day? How could I go shopping with my girls this Saturday? Suddenly, I thought up of my newly-bought Fosjoas K3 sitting-posture self-balancing scooters. Maybe, it could help me, but I still doubted about that.

Now, it turns out that Fosjoas K3 sitting-posture self-balancing scooter is a great helper in my life. In the morning, I will ride it to go to company. Riding is very smooth all the way, because it won’t be hindered by traffic jam. Meanwhile, riding itself is very relaxing and it doesn’t cost me too much physical strength. If I want to speed up, I just need to slightly lean forward. However, leaning forward doesn’t work if the speed reaches the 18km/h, which fully embodies the high riding safety of Fosjoas K3 self-balancing scooter. The brake of Fosjoas K3 scooter is still worth to mention. It firstly adopts electronic brake system. For example, if a passerby intrudes my front suddenly, I can press the brake button beside handlebar immediately. Then, the scooter will stop quickly and accurately with only 50mm stopping distance, which protects the safety of both passerby and me to the hilt.

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On Saturday, I also ride Fosjoas K3 electric scooter to downtown and go shopping with my girlfriends. Just as I have predicted, I get to the assembling place first. Then, I find a small place to park it and start a happy shopping journey. Previously, I regard Fosjoas K3 scooter as a plaything in leisure time. Now, it has become an important part of my life.