The most practical transporting means - Fosjoas K5 electric standing scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-03-31

Nowadays, intelligent electric scooters have evolved to be more diversified. We can see some amazing mode scooters, some of them have high performance and configuration and there are also the innovation by different technologies. However, K5 self-balancing scooters, the latest product unveiled by Fosjoas, takes the utility into consideration and puts it into the top-priority element. Let's appreciate its charming together.

The 2-wheeled electric scooter K5 can be used to various occasions. Colleague students can ride it in the campus, which seems more fashionable than other vehicles; designated drivers can drive it after finishing their work at night, which helps them solve the problem of transporting at night; office workers can take it into the bus and subway, which is a good choice for daily commuting. Except the practicability, we also have to mention the comfortableness of K5. Most importantly, the riding posture is a big issue. K5 standing up electric scooter is designed to have folding pedals. After folding, there will be enough space for riders' foot so that riders can keep anterior standing on it.

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The height of electric scooters' control lever is a part that most manufactures always ignore. For most of people, they are tall or short. So the height of control lever will directly influence the comfort level of riding. On account of this, Fosjoas engineers design K5 control level to the flexible mode. Riders can adjust the height through lowering or raising the control lever. Therefore almost all the people can ride K5 standing electric unicycle self balancing scooter to feel the fantastic experience.

The key point is that the battery can charge people's daily intelligent devices such as iPhone, iPad or cameras through the charging port USB interface. In addition, it is also installed by braking assist system and LED taillight which ensure the maximum safety.