Fosjoas V6 one wheel scooter, a Futuristic Transportation Device

Source:fosjoas begin Time: 2015-03-27

Abstract: Fosjoas V6 one wheel scooter is a wise-concept and futuristic transportation device dedicated to a fun and low carbon lifestyle for urban people.

If you thought that unicycles were restricted to clowns and jugglers then think again! The Fosjoas V6 one wheel scooter is a wise-concept and futuristic transportation device dedicated to a fun and low carbon lifestyle. Using clever self-balancing technology, the Fosjoas makes popping down to the shops, your commute to work, or going just about anywhere, effortless!

You definitely have to try it for yourself, and find out what it is all about. Riding the single-wheeled Fosjoas V6 self balancing unicycle one wheel scooter for the initial first step off the ground and onto the platform may not be easy. But don’t worry if you are not the most naturally balanced rider, since many of life’s first experiences are awkward. The Fosjoas V6 comes with training wheels that you can attach via screws to the bottom of the foot platforms and a safety strap whilst you get the hang of things. To move forwards and backwards you simply lean in the direction you want to go. The same goes for turning. Whilst in motion the inbuilt gyro keeps you up right and the V6 is capable of speeds of up to 11mph.

Once you’ve got the basics of it, you can leave the training wheels and strap. Similar to a bicycle, the Fosjoas is difficult to balance at a standstill. Therefore, once you leave the training wheels, speed is key to maintaining control. Unlike a bike however, the Fosjoas generates its speed from the way you lean. A slight tilt forward will cause you to move forward. Leaning back on your heels will reduce your speed and further backwards pressure will put you in reverse. The Fosjoas one wheel scooter does great in an area like a bike path or sidewalk where you have room to maneuver.

Charging takes between 45-90mins and once juiced up the Fosjoas V6 will travel up to 6 miles. This amazing wheel takes up about the same space as a brief case and weighs about 22lbs meaning it’s great for combining with other forms of transport (buses, trains, on the tube, in the boot of a car etc.).

Just like an electric bike, the Fosjoas V6 self balancing unicycle is perfect at replacing a car for short distances, making it environmentally friendly. Because the V6 is hands free you can carry anything you need, from a cup of coffee to pulling a rolling suitcase, or even simply opening doors or just keeping your hands warm in your pockets.