Fosjoas V6 electric self-balancing unicycle, a Must Have Gadget

Source:fosjoas begin Time: 2015-03-27

Abstract: Being the single-wheeled electric self-balancing unicycle, Fosjoas V6 features its super agile maneuverability. It’s a must have gadget for those Fosjoas fans who love challenges.

The Fosjoas electric self-balancing unicycle quite literally revolutionizes the personal transportation market. It’s a must have gadget whether you want it for fun, practicality or both. Fosjoas V6 is a good option. Commuters can ride the Fosjoas V6 through the city to work. Students cruise their way to class.

Since the Fosjoas V6 operates with cutting edge gyro technology, you can master it without spending too much effort. You just have to Lean forward to go forward, lean to the side to turn the Fosjoas, and simply lean back to slow down, stop and even go backwards. The user is in complete control. As the most agile model in Fosjoas family, V6 is extremely fast charging and the battery makes these units extremely eco-friendly and efficient in going across pavements, off road and even up hill.

The Fosjoas V6 one wheel electric unicycle will, in honesty, cope with nearly all terrain, except very rough ground and hills. That means that roads, walkways and paths are mostly fine, as long as you look for the dips in the kerb to go from pavement to road and back. However, rolling on roads that cars use is not suggested due to safety concern. Also fine are sandy tracks, stony paths, very light gravel (not deep), middling rain, puddles up to about 3 cm, and short grass. Forest paths should be OK, assuming the slopes and camber aren’t too bad, and you should be able to make slow but steady progress up and down any grassy hills you encounter.

The single-wheeled design makes Fosjoas V6 very agile. However, it requires relatively more time to master it compared to Fosjoas’s dual-wheel Q-series. Beginners are suggested to do enough practice in open and flat area before going to narrow paths.

Not only is Fosjoas fun, it saves the planet. The super-fast charge, gives users multiple miles, being a great replacement for cars, motorbikes and other fuel dependent machines. The foldable feature of Fosjoas V6 self balancing electric scooter makes it to be easily carried around and stowed away in a small compartment. If you like adventure and novel gadgets, Fosjoas V6 is your perfect choice.