Points for attention for riding Fosjoas electric scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-04-12

The reasons behind Fosjoas that has become famous worldwide involve a gyroscopic propulsion system, functional design, portability and the best electric propulsion technology. The unique twin wheel system that makes Fosjoas twin wheel electric scooters stand apart from the V6 electric one wheel increases stability and usability. The twin-wheeled electric scooters are much more user-friendly than electric unicycles. After sufficient practice of Fosjoas twin-wheeled electric scooters, people can learn to steer Fosjoas electric unicycle quickly and smoothly.

For green hands, they need a great patience in learning electric one wheel. Hence, Robot, a young coach of Fosjoas, suggests that they can begin with Fosjoas V2, V3 and V5 twin-wheeled electric scooters. The practice will help them learn to steer Fosjoas single-wheeled intelligent scooter. Few people can completely Fosjoas one wheel scooter within a short time. Fosjoas twin-wheeled intelligent scooter serves as a brilliant transition to learning Fosjoas V6 single-wheeled electric scooter.

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Also, the points for attention for riding Fosjoas electric scooter are included. First of all, do not overly lean forward or backward as this can result in injury and is strictly prohibited. When the power level indicators show only two bars left, riding is not recommended as the battery needs to be charged. Riding the Fosjoas Vehicle with two or less bars can result in the vehicle not responding properly due to insufficient battery power. You will need to charge the battery as soon as possible.

Then, green hands need to pay special attention to the speed control and safety. Fosjoas intelligent electric scooter sets a maximum speed. When the speed exceeds 12km/h, the front end of the pedal will rise gradually and when the speed exceeds 16km/h, the pedal will pose a 10°angle to the levelling surface, which stop you from inclining further to accelerate. The above points for attention for riding Fosjoas electric intelligent self-balancing scooters are extremely important for the safety both the riders and passer-by.