A great assistant for workers - Fosjoas K5 2-wheeled electric scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-04-15

People are faced with many urban diseases nowadays, such as road congestion and air pollution, which have become the "heart disease" for great majority cities. Governments attach great importance to the issue of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions in a responsible attitude for the local people and the whole world. With the new born electric unicycle self balancing scooter, such situation can be improved. While, the newly designed Fosjoas K5 2 wheel electric scooter is a great assistant for the masses, especially the office workers.

For office workers, a serious traffic jam might hold them up for one hour, which leads to lateness for work. What is worse, frequent lateness for work will give a bad and side impression. Some of them need to get up earlier and set off prior to the rush hour. Though they arrive at office on time, they sacrifice their rest time and in a low spirit whole day. The blessing is that the advent of Fosjoas K5 standing up electric scooter. The great portability enables Fosjoas K5 to catch on to white-collars.

k5 lightweight electric scooters for adults

Compact and small in size, Fosjoas K5 can be ridden on the pavement together with pedestrians. They can successfully avoid the traffic. With the 14kg item weight, Fosjoas K5 foldable electric scooter for adults can be folded so that it could be took into the lift, boot, the bus and the underground. What’s more, the UBS port on Fosjoas K5 enables office workers to charge it in the office, as the battery is designed to be modular. They can just take off the battery and bring it to office to be charged, instead of the charging station. Also, it can provide power to mobile phones and other daily electronic products.

It is believed that Fosjoas folding electric scooters for adults would add a credit to Fosjoas.