Fosjoas V2 Twin-Wheeled Electric Scooter Gives Me an Unforgettable Spring Outing

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-04-18

Today, our department organized an all-staff spring outing and we have rent a bus. The spring outing destination of this time was beautiful and fresh countryside, which was about 30km away from our company. When we were packing, I saw my Fosjoas V2 twin-wheeled electric scooter under my desk. Suddenly, an idea thrilled my mind: why not bring Fosjoas V2 two wheel electric scooter unicycle together? Actually, I didn't know what it could help me until the end of spring outing.

Fosjoas V2 twin-wheeled electric scooter has very small figure and it even could be put under the seat in the bus. When we got to the destination, it was so beautiful there. The sky was bluer, the cloud was whiter, the water was fresher, the plants were greener and the flowers were more beautiful. Here was the real spring. Then, we needed to find an open ground to start our outdoor party. Such an important task was mine, because I took Fosjoas twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter with me. I rode about ten minutes and found a ground that was on the verge of river. Later, I went back and led my colleagues to that treasured place. Our male colleagues started to pitch tents and put up grill, while female colleagues were busy in spreading blanket and preparing delicious food.

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It was a sunny day and the temperature was just comfortable. Maybe, comfortable environment and happy mood paved the way for a very good appetite. During the BBQ, the oil and salt were used up. Some colleagues asked for more sausage and pork luncheon meat. In order to buy them, my Fosjoas V2 electric scooter became a highlight again I rode it and found a nearby grocery. Fortunately, I have bought what we needed. All of us ate very well and very happily. Fosjoas V2 electric self-balancing unicycle has made undeniable contributions.