Fosjoas V3 Self-Balance Unicycle, A Whizzy New Technology in 2015

Source:fosjoas begin Time: 2015-03-24

Abstract: As a freshly released model of high-tech self-balance unicycle, Fosjoas V3 features multiple functions. This compact yet powerful device allows you to whizz through crowded urban roads and escape from traffic jams.

The electric self-balance scooter has become the trendiest personal transporter. Among various electric scooter brands, Fosjoas obviously excels as the favorite with its marvelous maneuverability and stylish design. As the latest model in Fosjoas family, the Fosjoas V3 is adored by Fosjoas fans with its upgraded motherboard and extended color option.

The twin-wheeled Fosjoas V3 is designed with a concise concept and therefore it is more compact and retains a quite adorable look. There are resilient leg pads on both sides of the vehicle, which protect rider’s calves from getting hurt. The polymer nano-plastic casing has great durability and is hard to break. Good design coupled with high-tech casing materials makes Fosjoas V3 an optimal choice for self-balance scooter lovers.

Apart from the excellent casing, the interior parts of Fosjoas also boast of top-notch technology. The V3 model is powered by a Japan-made Li-ion battery. This kind of battery can be recharged for over 1800 times and features three times longer life span than an ordinary lithium battery which is often used by manufacturers of many other brands. Highly re-chargeable as it is, the battery used by Fosjoas is extremely reliable and can guarantee your safety. You never have to worry about it getting on fire or explosion as some inferior batteries prevalently used in the personal transport market.

The Fosjoas V3 is unique in steering style. You can drive it hands-free and control your direction and speed only by body inclination. Fosjoas V3 is an ordained best-seller since its debut, thanks to its stylish design and preeminent performance.

Compared to traditional vehicles, Fosjoas V3 is way more convenient and easier to get proficiently control. What’s more, it’s eco-friendly and portable and you can carry it everywhere without worrying about it getting lost or stolen. Fosjoas V3, as an electric self-balance unicycle , meet the expectations of all fans, no matter you want to use it to commute, to play or for workout purpose.