Fosjoas unicycle V6, the first choice for the beginner

Source:fosjoas begin Time: 2015-03-20

Fosjoas unicycle V6 by it price, classic profile, and details etc, has become the first choose for consumers.

Fosjoas unicylce ,since it into the market from April, has receive the love from the consumer, within this year, Fosjoas unicycle V6 keeps hot sale, without getting down the sale quantity. Rely on the cost, classic profile, thoughtful detail and keep updated system etc, V6 unicycle has become the first choice for the consumer when they brought the first unicycle, let’s analyze the reason.

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Fosjoas unicycle V6 is first launched by Fosjoas Technology Co. ltd, has a special commemorate meaning, in the terms of color, it has black and white, with red color silica leg protect pedal, looks more classic, the consumer can choose it according to their like, for the battery, there are two types for 160wh and 170wh, the consumer can choose it according own needs.

Besides of classic feeling outside, Fosjoas electric unicycle also been number of testing and adjustment, thus the Fosjoas brand been benchmarks for all the products. V6 riding mileage in between 15-26km (depends on the battery specifications), the maVimum speed is 18km/h, and with maV load is 120kg, low electric consumption, which pay hard work and contribution on the quality and safety only, but standing out from the ordinary.

Besides of fine quality, favorable price, Fosjoas unicycle V 6 still very light product, which only 9.8kg, whatever the boy and girl, both can pick up by one hand, it will not become burden. Very fleVible when turn a corner, with lots of fun during riding.

The first unicycle of people, no need to buy eVpensive one, it will make heart pain when see it.

Break, safety are most important, the first unicycle of people choose, will need safety and feel rest assured , basic on above information, Fosjoas unicycle V6 are the first choose.

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