Fosjoas U3 2-wheeled electric scooter comes a blessing to caddie in a golf course.

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-04-26

Fosjoas U3 two-wheel electric self-balancing scooter comes a blessing to caddie in a golf course, as it greatly enhances their work efficiency. Fosjoas U3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter is ready to take on any challenge, with a silent and powerful electric motor and a very lightweight yet extremely resistant aluminium fender designed to protect both the vehicle and passenger from side impacts. As we know, the golf course is spacious.

At weekends, the golf course need receive over hundreds of people. Some comes here for leisure and some for business negotiation. Caddie’s daily job is to pick the golf pitched by the players. When the golf is pitched away, they have to run for a long distance to get the golf back. The errand is a laborious job. Now the situation has been totally turned around, as the golf course introduces Fosjoas U3 self-balancing 2 wheels scooter.

With Fosjoas U3, Caddie’s job becomes more and more effortless. Because the Fosjoas U3 isn't just a simple electric vehicle but a real SUV, its large 16'' tires allow it to ride along any route, ensuring maximum stability and adhesion in all ground conditions, even on sand, thanks to their size and specially designed tread. Now they ride Fosjoas U3 for golf. Even if the golf is violently pitched away, they merely steer U3 electric self-balancing scooter to get it back. The frequent commute is no longer a big bugbear to them. What’s more, as they ride Fosjoas U3, they could enjoy the surrounding scenery and breathe the fresh air as well.

Fosjoas U3 self balancing scooter uk unburdens these caddies. The introduction of U3 comes as a blessing to caddie as well as the golf course. This is an obvious example that Fosjoas electric self-balancing scooter let a firm come to life.