Fosjoas V3 Intelligent Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Gives Me an Unforgettable Campus Journey

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-06-23

I have a Fosjoas V3 intelligent self-balancing electric unicycle in black color and I love it very much. It is my plaything and also my exercise tool. After supper, I often ride it and weave on streets with my friends. Usually, I neck and back will be very sore after a whole day work. Riding Fosjoas V3 electric scooter is helpful to cure the ache. Thus, riding it every day becomes my habit. Today, I have done a meaningful journey, which is to ride Fosjoas V3 electric scooter and weave in my Alma Mater.

I have graduated from my university for four years already. Although my Alma Mater is just 20km away from my house, I hardly go back and see her because of busy work. When I saw my fully-charged Fosjoas V3 intelligent electric scooter this afternoon, I had a brainstorm: why not ride it to see her? I took off immediately. I rode Fosjoas V3 electric scooter along the sidewalk. The nearer the university was, the more familiar feeling I had. About one hour and a half, I got there. I clearly remembered the acquainted streets and stately university gate. When the entrance guard saw me stamping on my Fosjoas V3 electric scooter, he didn’t stop me and let me in. I was so happy.

electric two wheeled scooter

I saw the teaching building and found my classroom. I carried Fosjoas V3 twin-wheeled electric scooter by my hand and entered in the classroom. Too many memories in class have passed through my mind. Then, I went to the next place-dormitory. It seemed as if it was much older than before. After taking some photos for dormitory, I moved towards canteen. It was time for supper and I stayed there to order some delicious food. After supper, I stood on Fosjoas V3 self-balancing unicycle again and freely weaved in the campus: the library, gymnasium, playground, grocery store and beautiful night lights.