Birthday Gift for My Little Nephew: Fosjoas U1 Mini Electric Scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-07-06

I saw Fosjoas U1 mini self-balancing scooters in an experience shop of Fosjoas. Its small figure is really lovely. Suddenly, I thought up of my nephew’s birthday and I could give it to him as the birthday gift. I bought one and went home satisfactorily. Today is my nephew’s birthday and I bring Fosjoas U1 mini electric scooter. To my surprise, it makes him happy all day long.  

My nephew is 7 years old and he is jaunty when he opens the package of Fosjoas U1 mini self-balancing scooter. Just like me, he is attracted by the lovely appearance of Fosjoas U1 mini self-balancing scooter. It is made up of two small and cute tires, a cute and adjustable saddle, comfortable pedals and scooter body. In the eyes of 7-year-old boy, it is a very cool plaything. Then, I start to teach him how to ride it. I explain the basic working principle to him and let him know that leaning forward will make Fosjoas U1 mini self-balancing scooter move forward and speed up, while leaning backward make it slow down and brake.

how to drive U1 electric unicycle

Then, he stands on the pedals and slightly leans to different directions so as to experience how to control it. In the very beginning, he is a little strained, but he won’t fall down, because I accompany him all the time. After about half an hour, he can ride it expertly. After that, I teach him how pull up the saddle. Such a saddle is adjustable and I regulate it to the suitable position according to my nephew’s height. Then, he can ride Fosjoas U1 electric scooter by sitting-posture riding mode. He is so happy today. Behind his house, there is a park. My brother and sister-in-law promise my nephew that will take him to ride Fosjoas U1 two wheel electric scooter unicycle in the park if he studies hard.