A Day of Fosjoas U1 Mini Electric Scooter and Me in University Campus

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-07-29

Before I went to university, my parents told me that the university campus is one of the most beautiful places in the later of my life. It is full of freedom and happiness. This year, I am a sophomore and my parents give me a Fosjoas U1 mini electric two wheeled scooter as a gift. It changes my university life and I am much happier than before. It has become an important part in my everyday life. Here, I would like to share my day with Fosjoas U1 mini electric scooter.

In the early morning, I will ride it to canteen to eat breakfast. Many of my classmates skip the breakfast and have lunch or brunch directly, which is not good for health. Since I have Fosjoas U1 electric scooter, I have enough time to enjoy a hearty breakfast. After that, I will ride it to attend class. The distance between dormitory and classroom is about 800m. Generally speaking, it needs at least fifteen minutes by walking. However, it just costs me five minutes at most if I ride Fosjoas U1 electric scooter. When I get to the classroom. I will put it beside the desk, because it is very small. After class, I often ride it to library and I can ride it in library at ease. During riding, Fosjoas U1 electric scooter won’t generate any noise at all and thus it is allowed to enter library. I read books there and borrow some.

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After supper, I would like to ride Fosjoas U1 self-balancing unicycle on the playground or just weave in the campus. The scenery in my campus is really beautiful and every season has its own unique beauty. Sometimes, I ride Fosjoas U1 self-balancing scooter to the supermarket near the campus and buy a lot of daily articles. It makes my university life wonderful.