Fosjoas V8 Twin-Wheeled Electric Scooter Kindles the Inner Passion of Boys

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-08-05

Young boys are always full of energy. They need a tool to kindle their inner passion and Fosjoas V8 twin-wheeled electric unicycle self balance is the right one. It plays many roles in boys’ life, such as a commuting transport, an exercise tool or a plaything and so on. Gradually, boys start to rely on Fosjoas V8 twin-wheeled electric scooter in the daily life. What is more, it makes their life full of passion.

Fosjoas V8 electric scooter is very small and light. According to specification, its size is 460*369*222mm and it just weighs 13.9kg. When it comes to boys, it is just a little thing. They can carry it by one hand easily. The working principle of Fosjoas V8 electric scooter paves the way for boys to control it at will. Based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, Fosjoas V8 electric scooter can keep itself balanced automatically. Briefly speaking, it can initiatively recognize riders’ intention according to their body gravity. For example, if a boy stands on its pedals and leans forward lightly, Fosjoas V8 electric scooter will know that its master wants to move forward. During running, such a movement of the rider means speeding up. Free riding caters for the characters of boys and they can ride it at will.

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Now that boys can ride Fosjoas V8 self-balancing balancing scooter to anywhere, some people may ask what it can do. As a transport, it can take boys to destination smoothly. As a plaything, it can enrich boys’ leisure time and liberate their inner vitality. If they don’t need to ride it, they even can carry it by hand or put it in bag. Even if the battery runs out halfway, boys can find a roadside coffee house or shop to charge it and starts the journey again.