Fosjoas Intelligent Self-Balancing Electric Scooters Bring Great Convenience to People and Green to the World

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-08-15

Fosjoas has several series intelligent electric self-balancing scooter, such as electric unicycle, twin-wheeled electric scooter or two-wheeled electric scooter and so on. Different electric scooter type enjoys different application. Some people choose them as travel transports, while some others choose them as exercise tools. Besides, they are also excellent tools for weekend trip. Besides Fosjoas K2 and K5, other Fosjoas intelligent self-balancing electric scooters are based on aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to keep balance. In other words, riders realize all controls by adjusting body gravity. For example, slightly leaning forward will speed up, while lean backward will slow down. Therefore, it is very easy to ride Fosjoas electric scooters.

When it comes to Fosjoas K2 and K5 two-wheeled electric scooters, they adopt front-standing riding mode and replaceable battery unit. Thus, they offer not only comfortable riding experience, but also unlimited range. Most people would like to choose it for long-distance travel. Simple travel transport makes journey enjoyable and people can get fully relaxed from it. Above all, Fosjoas electric scooters really bring great convenience to people. They ride them to go to work smoothly. They ride them to take exercise happily. Fosjoas electric scooters can help people to do a lot and life becomes much better.

unicycle electric scooter

In the meantime, the power of all of Fosjoas electric scooters comes from imported lithium-ion battery. Such a battery enjoys the advantages of long service life and high work efficiency. What is more, lithium-ion battery won’t generate any harmful exhaust into the air. After all, the living environment has been seriously polluted by automobile exhausts for many years. If more and more people are willing to apply Fosjoas self-balancing electric unicycle in daily life, the environmental quality will be obviously increased. They bring green to the living environment.