Fosjoas V3 Twin-Wheeled Self-Balancing Scooter Makes Travel More Meaningful

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-08-16

Nowadays, an effective and portable travel transport is really important, which is helpful to improve your time efficiency. Fosjoas v3 self-balancing electric unicycle caters for above features. It frees you from congested traffic and saves your time by 400%. In addition, it is designed for adventure, because its amazing performance suffices in climbing and off-road terrains. All in all, it makes both your journey and life meaningful.

It has built-in control system, which controls the unit at your intention and smoothens your riding experience. Based on aviation attitude control, fuzzy software algorithm and gyrosystem and intelligent chip, Fosjoas V3 twin-wheeled self-balancing scooter can escort your trip with thorough safety protection and real-time monitoring. Then, you can finish all controls by leaning forward, backward, turning left or right. Fosjoas V3 twin-wheeled electric scooter always gets to know what your intention is by counting your body gravity.

V3 electric unicycle high quality

The adopted original imported lithium-ion battery features numerous recharge times, 3.8 times life expectancy and 2.9 times duration of ordinary lithium batteries. In order to satisfy different range needs, there are four capacities for the battery of Fosjoas V3 intelligent electric scooter, which are 130Wh, 170Wh, 260Wh and 340Wh. You can choose one according to your practical requirement.

Maybe, you are still spending several hours in getting stuck in traffic. Fosjoas V3 electric scooter must be your blessing at this moment. As the world’s smallest and the most eco-friendly transport, Fosjoas V3 represents a new fashion in commute. According to the survey, if a person selects Fosjoas V3 as his transport in daily life, it will saves him as much as 400% time. What is more, it is based on body inclination to realize all controls. The body gets fully trained when riding. Gradually, the physical quality is increasing with each passing day. It is why Fosjoas V3 electric scooter makes travel meaningful.