Why Do You Need a Fosjoas K2 Two-Wheeled Electric Scooter in Your Daily life?

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-08-27

Do you hope for a transport that offers you unlimited range? Do you want your transport to be suitable for all weather conditions and road conditions? Do you desire for avoiding traffic jam? If you do, Fosjoas K2 two-wheeled electric scooter will make your dream come true. It is a type of excellent scooter in intelligent electric scooter sector. It makes your travel comfortable and enjoyable.

Comfortable and smooth riding experience comes very first. Fosjoas K2 electric scooter is equipped with two foldable pedals that are made from high-quality matting material, which not only saves parking space, but also have great skid resistance. Meanwhile, it chooses user-friendly riding mode: front-standing posture, which is helpful to reduce the fatigue caused by long-time riding. The slim figure of Fosjoas K2 is good at passing through narrow lanes or weaving among crowds. The performance of two customized 8-inch tyres are never inferior to those big tyres, which have better traffic ability and better grip. Therefore, the road for Fosjoas K2 electric scooter is always unblocked.

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Why is Fosjoas K2 standing up electric scooter able to ensure unlimited range and be fitted for all weather conditions and road conditions? It mainly benefits from the battery and its installation position. On the one hand, the battery is replaceable. In other words, if the battery runs out on the half way, you can change it with another full battery. The unlimited range becomes possible. Then, you can continue your journey. On the other hand, the battery unit is installed on the upper part of operating arm and thus battery is quite far with the ground. In rainy days, you still can ride Fosjoas K2 self-balancing unicycle as usual. Meanwhile, the surface of tyres is designed in unique patterns, which has strong adaptability to some difficult road conditions.