Fosjoas V6 Review: The Transportation of the Future

Source:1 begin Time: 2015-04-09

The Fosjoas provides a range of unicycles. The Fosjoas V6 is especial because it has a larger wheel and looks slimmer. I bought the Fosjoas V6 expecting my trips to and from classes at my university to become a little more pleasurable as well as shorter. Learning to ride is easy. It took me only a day to learn with the training wheels and then a day later I was zooming up and down the street with confidence. It’s really an attention getter. At first you feel good to respond to people’s reaction to you riding this “transportation of the future”, but after a month of use, I had to buy headphones to have a reason to ignore people.

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The Fosjoas V6 is quite an excellent product otherwise, though the beeping gets a bit annoying. Now that I opened the mother board I realized if I just clipped the wires going to the beeper it would be the best experience. Oh I forgot to mention that the Fosjoas V6 barely cracked on me after it was thrown into a 420 degree flip in the air after I accidentally went up a sidewalk and lost my balance. I had to repaint the exterior though to cover up the evidence.

Designed as a personal transporter for short trips, the Fosjoas electric unicycle contributes to an eco-friendly lifestyle as bicycle. Yet when it comes to storage and portability, even a folding bike can take much more room than an electric unicycle. Therefore electric unicycles are favored by lots of urban commuters. In addition, compared with electric bikes, electric unicycle features much shorter charge time and sufficient range per charge and has hence taken as the first option for short trips in many modern families. In terms of safety, the Fosjoas electric unicycle is controlled by a world leading intelligent drive system (aviation attitude control, fuzzy software algorithm and gyro-system) to achieve the longitudinal balance. When it comes to safety measures at night, the Fosjoas electric unicycle is equipped with a front light, a brake light and LED atmosphere lights, which guarantee safe riding at night. Moreover, Fosjoas riders are protected by an intelligent chip which activates safety measures such as speed limit protection, low battery protection, tilting protection, battery protection and charge protection when necessary.

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