FOSJOAS Electric Two-wheel Scooter V5, a Classic Model

Source: begin Time: 2015-04-10

So far, FOSJOAS has rolled out four models, all of which are V-series. The latest intelligent self-balancing scooter, V8 integrates almost all merits of other series with its own characteristics. So V8 is hailed as the climax of FOSJOAS’s design and technology. Nevertheless, V8 does not overshadow FOSJOAS’s classic model, V5. As the eternal classic model, V5 serves as an significant symbol of FOSJOAS’s core design and technology.

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It is two years since FOSJOAS was established in the year of 2013. From its establishment on, it has been persistently cling to its principles: eco-friendly feature, user-friendly design and consistent innovation. These ever-lasting principles guided FOSJOAS in its every phase of development. In 2013, the electric unicycle V5 came out as the first model launched by FOSJOAS. FOSJOAS based V5 on the principles of eco-friendly feature, perfect design and consistent innovation. Although V5 was the first endeavour to put these principles into practice. Finally, this bold endeavour turned out to be rather successful. Up to now, FOSJOAS still take pride in this endeavour. The launch of V5 marked that FOSJOAS essentially commenced to be on the path to eco-friendly feature, perfect design and consistent innovation.

fosjoas,electric unicycle

V5 was the first model to realise eco-friendly feature. FOSJOAS embedded the green lithium battery core in V5, making sure it produced no emission in operation. The current theme of low carbon came up with the new requirements on products and personal transporters. This is not only a challenge but also an opportunity. This theme drove FOSJOAS to press with the R & D of green models. The release of V5 set FOSJOAS apart from others in the sector of scooter and made FOSJOAS ahead of time alike.

Compared to other models of FOSJOAS, for instance V5, V3 and V8, it take little more time to learn to ride V5. However, the agility of V5 takes some beating. V5 can turn and swing quickly and agilely. Thus, V5 is surely an optimal choice of those challenge-lovers skilled in riding. When you are tired of other models, return to V5. You will find its own characteristics and wake up to the reason why it is hailed as the eternal classic one.

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