Application of FOSJOAS V9 2-wheeled electric scooter in the factory

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-09-07

FOSJOAS serves the end of entertainment but also fulfils the purpose of daily application. Today, we will see the application of FOSJOAS V9 2-wheeled electric scooter in the factory. For instance, Jack is working as a purchase manager in a large firm with a spacious works. The works is so large that it will take nearly half hour to walk across it. The workers and staff are in a dire need of convenient transports used for daily commute. Jack discovers FOSJOAS intelligent self-balancing scooters in the market, finding them useful if used in the plant. Thereby he applied to purchase ten scooters at one go.

FOSJOAS V9 is the only mature product in this industry with developed markets and clear target customers. Considering the ease of use, Jack purchased ten units of FOSJOAS V9. After the single-wheeled intelligent scooter like V6, FOSJOAS V9 self-balancing two wheels scooter is by far easy to steer. Even if he is a beginner, one can steer it smoothly as long as he stands onto V9. In the plant, workers have no sufficient time to learn to steer it. Therefore, V9 is quite suitable for these workers.

electric self-balancing scooter

At the same time, when guests pay a visit to the works, they also could ride them for a visit. Most of them are exposed to this kind of electric scooter for the first time. An easy-to-ride scooter is quite needed. Consider these factors, Jack bought FOSJOAS V9 electric scooter wisely. On the try-out of FOSJOAS V9 in the plant, they are thought highly of by the users. The speed reaches as much as 18 km/h.

Now it takes merely 5 minutes to walk across the works. The speed is passable and safe. When it runs into the workshop, it will not make any noise, not disturbing other working. It uses battery as its energy, thereby emitting no exhaust into the surrounding environment. V9 two wheel electric scooter is eco-friendly and handy.