Fosjoas Electric Scooter Prepares Riders for an Enjoyable Trip and Life

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-06-09

Abstract: The rapid development of auto industry results in environmental pollution and terrible traffic jams. To relieve people from these problems, Fosjoas launched the coolest transporter that is also low-carbon and eco-friendly–the electric intelligent scooter.


Probably, all the office commuters would like to punch the designers for the urban traffic construction because they have created such a traffic line that caused so much trouble to the commuters’ daily life. Traffic jams just happen again and again!


As we all know, industrial development created a prosperous city and contributed to the booming auto industry. However, it has side effects as well. Traffic jams and air pollution are getting worse and worse day after day, which we know is part of the technology development. And now, the advanced technology enables people to adopt another transportation manner of new type–electric scooter by Fosjoas. This brand new transporter will lead you to a new era of travelling and take you away from automobile exhaust and traffic congestion. 


As the latest type of transporter in the 21st century, Fosjoas intelligent scooter is a fabulous and environmentally friendly, super handy and safe cutting-edge invention. With its pretty outlook and practical function, not only can it be used to get to work or school but also serve as a great recreational tool. Undoubtedly, it is a groundbreaking transporter brimming with the essence of the high technology.


Fosjoas self-balancing scooters, equipped with the most advanced intelligent system, achieves self-balancing by adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. The riders can go forward, speed up, stop and operate the braking lights by leaning forward or backward. As to the horizontal balance, they only need to twist their body, just like riding a bike. It is quite easy and simple to master the scooter. If the users want to make it even easier, they can install the training wheels, which will help them get the hang of the operation within 5 minutes.

Faced with the crowding people and bustling traffic, the urbanites are too stressed to take a breath. Fosjoas electric scooter provides them with a new transportation manner and different lifestyle. After work, people can ride the scooter and travel across the streets to have an actual taste of life. They will be able to enjoy the breeze on their faces and smell the freedom in the air. By then, they will finally get to know life could be so different with such a small change.


Just say goodbye to the car exhaust and traffic jams. Embrace a new transporter and a unique lifestyle by owning one Fosjoas scooter instead.