Young Dad’s Must-have Vehicle–Fosjoas Electric Unicycle

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-06-17

Abstract: I am a young dad with my own vehicle–Fosjoas Electric Unicycle V6. Never did I realize a dad could be so fashionable and healthy until I owned such a unicycle.

Since I graduated from university, I got married soon afterwards. Now I have been a dad for a year. Being a dad, I have to pay attention to my image more. Otherwise, my daughter will be ashamed of me. Today let me introduce you my special vehicle–Fosjoas electric unicycle which adds a lot to my charm.

As a freelancer, I usually work at home so I become the one to take care of my daughter. Since my wife and mom insisted that breast milk be better for the baby girl’s growth, I had to send my daughter to her mom on weekdays until she turned 1 year old. Thanks to my electric unicycle V6, I didn’t have to take a cab or bus, saving me quite a sum of money and trouble.

Because the Fosjoas scooter is made of top-quality materials, it is very safe for me to ride it while going out for a walk with my daughter. Also, riding such a fashionable vehicle makes me the coolest dad ever. Every time I ride the scooter in the street while pushing the baby stroller, I will always attract crowds. Some may ask me about my intelligent scooter and others will play with my little girl.

self-balancing scooters

When we are staying at home, my daughter loves me holding her and going around in circle until she gets tired enough to fall asleep. As the self-balancing unicycle V6 is mounted with the best rubber tires, it is able to provide me with a smooth ride. Thus, my girl won’t be awake when I put her back into the cradle. Moreover, the employment of magnetic levitation motor allows the scooter to generate very little noise, which is very convenient for me.

Besides, the scooter, powered by electricity, won’t lead to any air pollution at all. Apart from that, it can be used to exercise my body. As to a freelancer who has to sit in front of a computer for a long time, some exercise once in a while would be a great way to keep healthy.

If you want to be a cool and competent dad, go and buy an Fosjoas scooter V6 then.