A Tip for Fosjoas Intelligent Scooter Users: More Care for Your Electric Self-balancing Scooters on Rainy Days

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-06-24

Abstract: In view of recent rainstorms and wet weather, Fosjoas warmly reminds a wide range of users to care more for your electric self-balancing scooters. We will introduce some techniques in maintenance of Fosjoas electric self-balancing scooters to help you do good maintenance and enjoy a smooth ride.


A few days ago, with heavy rainfall in various regions, streets were filled with water and this continued in some areas while it cleared up in some cities. The heavy rain prevents all means of transport going out including electric self-balancing scooters. But when it is raining cats and dogs, you might as well care more for your scooters.


In rare sunny days after rain, Fosjoas will introduce some tricks in maintenance of electric self-balancing scooter and hope you will do careful maintenance and enjoy smooth rides.


On wet roads after rain, attention should be paid when riding an intelligent scooter to avoid ponding on roads if it is not a fully-enclosed one, e.g., Fosjoas V series two-wheel scooters. A water drop getting into the engine block might damage the entire scooter.


A scooter will inevitably become dirty when traveling after rain. Some users prefer timely cleaning to keep their scooters clean, but make sure that your scooter has been powered off before such cleaning. Direct washing with water is not suggested. One may gently wipe a scooter with a wet towel to ensure no water will get in it. It is worth noted that DO NOT wash a scooter with water when it is powered on. It not only damages your intelligent scooters, but also threats personal safety.


On rainy days, users had better not ride out and, in such a case, pay attention to storage of the scooters. It is recommended to place electric self-balancing scooters in dry and ventilated places instead of wet or airtight ones; or main control panels and batteries may get wet, consequently influencing performance of scooters.


If an improper operation damages the Fosjoas electric self-balancing scooter, it is suggested to send it to a professional maintenance point. DO NOT dissemble the scooter and repair it by yourself, or service life of it might be impaired once any component or part is damaged.


Regular maintenance enables a scooter to work better and careful maintenance contributes to more comfortable and smooth rides.