Lifestyle of Fosjoas Self-balancing Scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-07-03

An athlete demonstrates his extraordinary talents in a game at the moment when he wins victory. But the moment finally comes after years of industrious practice and strong will. This is a story about some rowing athletes, after their rowing career, coming to work for Fosjoas and keeping making efforts for their work and society.

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As professional rowing athletes, they spend 3 hours training in the water and 3 hours at land. This is a daily routine for rowing athletes. The daily life is simple, disciplined and high energy-consuming. Early in the day, they will go jogging at the coach’s prompting. Now they have retired from the professional athlete career. The coach has replaced his bicycle with a high-tech electric scooter. It is like a heritage passing from one generation to another. But the challenging passion of athletes never dies. Instead, after years of accumulation of efforts, each generation will surpass the preceding one.


Influenced by their coaches, many athletes have chosen Fosjoas intelligent self-balancing scooter for commuting. After a day’s intense exercise, they would not rush to dorms to have a rest. Before the sky darkens, they ride self-balancing scooters to hang around, glancing at the green scenery and relaxing their mind and body. Riding a scooter and taking a rest in a place with a good view, a whole day’s fatigue is released. The athletes are quite easy to get content. With such good mental state and hard training, they climb along the steep paths and reaches the summit successfully.

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Fosjoas company also adheres to such a path of hard working. With constant breakthrough in core research and development of self-balancing unicycles, the company is scaling new heights. It tries utmost to produce scooter products with best performance and quality. The satisfaction of consumers and popularization of low-carbon commuting concept are what Fosjoas is pursuing.