Fosjoas Electric Unicycle Absolute Fancy Device for Part-time Jobs on the Streets

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-07-04

As a transport vehicle for short trip, Fosjoas scooter might be familiar to us. With unique and stylish features, the device is setting new trends on the streets and has gradually affected our daily life. But Fosjoas is capable of much more.

Fosjoas Electric Unicycle

Some time earlier, Scooter has come into our view. It zips through the congested streets and impatient crowds fast and freely. Without any doubt, it becomes a fashion. Young people prefer to practice riding scooter in parks or on squares as a casual vogue. But I would like to introduce to you the Fosjoas Unicycle. Its distinctive operation method will rock you.


Fashionable Santa Claus

This is a street snap taken in a shopping mall. Santa Claus rides a Fosjoas scooter shuttling through the mall and gives out gifts and blessings for this special holiday. Instead of traditional reindeer sleigh, Santa has embraced a modern way of commuting, which is faster and more fashionable.

Fosjoas electric unicycle, nimble in contour design, runs through the crowds and thus becomes a new landscape on the streets.

Street snap of a working Sweden waiter

After sunset, the streetlights are lit up. On the antique streets of Sweden, a waiter rides a unicycle scooter and also carries a tray with his hands. Does he just come back from take-out delivery?

He rides the scooter imperturbably on the streets. The tray and wine in the glass show no instability and never bump. Fosjoas scooter turns the delivery job easier and more labor-saving. It’s more like a pace on the street than a heave job.

New secret weapon for distributing leaflets

A young man in white is distributing leaflets to passers-by on the streets. Right behind him is his companion also in white uniform riding Fosjoas unicycle. With this device, the whole-day-long part-time job becomes much more relaxing and efficient. It has also successfully caught the attention of the pedestrians and even some gorgeous young ladies.

Fosjoas self-balancing unicycle

The above scene has shown that the electric one-wheel scooter has been incredibly applied to even part-time jobs, apart from its utility in entertainment and daily commuting for work and school. No wonder it becomes such a vogue overseas. It is portable, dexterous, stylish, handsome, safe and environmentally-friendly. In days to come, Fosjoas scooter will surely be an exceptional commuting vehicle for work on the streets, turning jobs more convenient and efficient.