The Intelligent Electric Scooters in Fosjoas

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-10-22

Abstract: The roll-out of Fosjoas electric scooter is changing the life of human being. The change covers the transportation, the way to work out and the recreational way. Today, we will discuss these intelligent electric scooters in Fosjoas.

Moben Global Inc. pushed out a variety of Fosjoas electric scooters, offering the public a rich selection of Fosjoas. The early model by Moben Global Inc. was the one wheel scooter and twin-wheeled electric scooter. These models range over V6, V3, V5 and V8. Fosjoas owns one electric unicycle called V6. The single scooter represents the agility of Fosjoas scooter. The single-wheeled hub system contributes to the excellent agility.

2-wheeled electric scooters

These twin-wheeled gained a wide acceptance at home as well as abroad for the reason of the ability of maintain balance. Fosjoas V3, V5 and V8 are equipped with the twin-wheeled hub system. The twin-wheeled hub system goes to ensure the balance when the scooter whizz about. It merely takes less half an hour for a beginner to learn to steer the twin-wheeled electric scooter. Therefore, it claimed a large customer base in the world.

Fosjoas still has the functional scooters applied to production and serving as a transport. By sequence, Fosjoas released 2-wheeled electric scooters V9, U3, K3, U1 and K5. The moment the V9 appeared, it caused a sensation in the whole market for scooter. By means of its unique design and sophisticated technology, V9 arrested attentions from all viewers and rose to prominence. Fosjoas K3 dispenses with the standing-posture mode and introduces the sitting-posture mode. At the same time, Fosjoas K3 is outfitted with a comfortable leather saddle. K3 gets ushering in the phase of sitting-posture mode. It is historically meaningful.

Fosjoas U1 is the first one that is equipped with a saddle supporting dual ride mode for better riding comforts and relaxation. K5 electric standing scooter is known for its modular battery design with USB port and triple folding system that makes it easy to store and carry. If people want longer riding range or forget to charge battery the last day and the existing battery has run out of electricity, they just need to replace it with a standby battery due to DIY battery design.

There will be more electric scooters in Fosjoas.