About The Protection Systems of Fosjoas Electric Scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-12-01

Abstract: Fosjoas electric scooter is fairly popular with the young. The young scooter-lovers constitutes the majority of customer base of intelligent self-balancing scooter. Fosjoas electric scooter brings along enjoyment, happiness and the opportunity to work out. However, there are some warnings to the rider when he rides Fosjoas electric self-balancing scooter.

Safety comes first, which is the precondition of enjoying the ride of Fosjoas electric self-balancing scooter. There are six-fold protections in Fosjoas, e.g. speed limit protection and over-discharge protection. The six-fold protections ensure the safety in process of riding Fosjoas electric self-balancing scooter. As for V3 self-balancing electric scooter, its top speed can reach 16 km/h. K3 saddle-equipped scooter can travel at the top speed of 18 km/h. Such speed is sufficient to the daily ride. Also, K3 is equipped with EBS to make the brake more efficient.

electric drift hover board

Because the young scooter-lovers constitutes the majority of customer base of Fosjoas, FOSJOAS makes strenuous efforts in speed. The young like the high speed, but high speed tend to cause danger, even life-threatening danger. In view of that, Moben installs the speed limit protection in electric scooter. When the speed of Fosjoas exceeds the given limit speed, it will make beep as a reminder to the rider of speeding. The handy gadget protects many riders from danger in an effective way. When the rider of Fosjoas intelligent electric scooter goes downhill, he must be most careful. The slope will enhance the speed. When the rider coasts down the bridge, the speed of Fosjoas will get out of control. This is quite dangerous. Therefore, he has to keep the speed under control under such circumstance.

Also, Fosjoas K1 electric drift hover board is equipped with double chips. Through balancing chip double backup technique, even if one chip fails, the other balance chip system will immediately take over the work, to ensure its security. At the same time "beep" sirens prompts users timely maintenance. Double battery intelligent protection system protects the power system; Even if one system appears problem, the other system can ensure the whole electricity core is stable and safe in riding. You can ride as long as you want without any worry.

To seek for the enjoyment of riding is secondary compared with keeping safety.