Fosjoas V9 Ushers In 2-Wheeled Electric Scooter Era.

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-12-09

Abstract: Fosjoas has adopted the new idea of green and environmental protection. It is powered by electric energy instead of gasoline to reduce exhaust gas emission and deliver a green lifestyle. Meanwhile, there are not only one wheel scooters, but also 2-wheeled electric scooters and Fosjoas V9 is the first one.

Whether you admit it or not, the ancient commuting ways have generally eclipsed with the birth of Fosjoas V9. The new device could usher in a new era. It is now time to ride your Fosjoas V9 with your friends to go on an unexpected outing. Fosjoas V9 2-wheeled electric scooter is applied with double intelligent balancing chips. The chips are produced based on branded battery core, which guarantees the distance and time of driving.

electric self-balancing scooter

Fosjoas V9 electric self-balancing scooter adopts two-wheeled design, which offers a comfortable riding experience. Then, riders can appreciate the beautiful sceneries with ease. In addition, the 4-inch LED displayer offers current speed, temperature and remaining electricity clearly. Another feature of Fosjoas V9 is its feather-weight appearance. The weight of such a perfect commuting vehicle is incredibly 22.4KG. You can feel free to carry it to and off work.

Actually, the light weight of Fosjoas V9 standing up electric scooter is attributed to its unique material. V9’s body is made of high molecular nanometre material to be light-weighted and firm. Whether for short-distance commuting or long-distance excursion, the V9 is a good companion to ride instead of walk. Besides its lightness, the agility of Fosjoas V9 electric walkcar deserves much more public compliment. In the current world, cars almost outnumber people. Caught in a traffic jam is as common as having a meal. In this case, Fosjoas comes to take the spotlight with its agility. It can zip through any narrow space unimpededly and shuttle back and forth the honking car horns.

With Fosjoas V9, you can get back home from work faster. Also, V9 intelligent electric scooter is used as the alternative transport amongst different workshops. If one comes and leaves amongst different workshops, it will cost a lot of time. The commute is a big time-waster. Additionally, V9 electric scooter runs with no noise and no emission.