The Combination of K3 and U3—Fosjoas U1 Saddle-Equipped Scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-12-13

Abstract: To be spared from traffic jams and being late for work, Fosjoas should be the most fashionable and wisest choice for the young generation. Moben released its first electric walkcar with dual ride modes— Fosjoas U1, which was added to the family of U-series together with U3. This time, U1 is different from previous models for it is regarded as a combination of U3 and K3.

Seen from its structure, Fosjoas U1 looks like U3. They are both equipped with a standing board. The large standing board provides a big space to stand on. The two-wheeled structure also enhances the ability to keep balance in process of riding. However, there is an obviously big difference between U1 and U3. U3 has a long adjustable shaft on it, but U1 did not have it on the bodywork. Though U1 double-wheels electric scooter does not have the control shaft, it is still easy to steer. Without the shaft, U1 gains a bigger angle of view.

double-wheels electric scooter

As we know, Fosjoas U1 and K3 have much in common. They share the same design structure. Both of them are equipped with the leather saddle. The comfortable saddle offers a comfortable ride. Even if the rider covers a long distance, he will not feel a shred of fatigue. The previous models do not have any saddle amounted on the bodywork. Many scooter-lovers make complaint about the fatigue caused by the long trip. The long-standing fatigue surely will do harm to the fun and enjoyment brought by ride. The saddle of U1 sitting-posture electric scooter resolves the issue once for all. Sitting on U1, the rider can enjoy the beautiful scenery around him and feast his eyes with these pretty views.

Also, like other intelligent electric scooters in Fosjoas, U1 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter can be connected to phones by App. If one’s U1 is lost, the dedicated App can help him or her to find it back. These design notion shows that Fosjoas gets focusing its attention on the mixture of models. These moves will a lot enhance the performance and lower the risk of products. Fosjoas puts customers in the first place at any time.