K1 Electric Drift Hover Board Infuses New Blood to Fosjoas

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-12-14

Abstract: The invention of new products is the continuous driving force in any industry. The invention of K1 electric drift hover board infuses new blood to Fosjoas and the self-balancing electric scooter industry.

Nowadays, the low-carbon self-balancing scooters are obvious to all. They have changed the urban traffic situation and bring in green travelling experience to urban dwellers. Intelligent electric scooters are efficient tools to help people commute or work out. Among all the brands, Fosjoas with creative spirit and pragmatic style has elevated the value of electric scooters to a high level.

Fosjoas electric walkcars have been integrated into people’s daily life. Following this eco trend, Fosjoas launched a new type of electric scooter, K1 self-balancing air board for those who crave for new energy and vitality in life. Observed from a social perspective, the factors like low carbon, zero emission and alleviating traffic pressures are important for the society. From personal perspective, it could help lose weight, get exercise, relieve working pressure and improve daily commuting efficiency. Thus, electric scooters are not only purely commuting vehicles while they have great significance on society and people’s lives.

self-balancing air board

The remote control equipped has made it more labor saving than riding ordinary skateboards. Fosjoas K1 electric air board seems like a pioneer in balancing daily commuting with fashion and fun. It goes in the most appropriate tempo, neither too slow nor too fast. The riding experience safe and comfortable will make riders fulfilled. The refined details and the rigorous standards show the pursuit of happy riding on the boring streets.

Fosjoas has observed each technical process strictly. In the choice of materials, Fosjoas K1 electric drift hover board is equipped with the most reliable lithium battery and high-class tires with special tread patterns. The super-wide tires have better skid resistance and stronger grip effect. An app developed for K1 monitors the vehicle and gives feedback real-time data to riders for a safe journey. After all, the essential of happy riding is safety.

Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard is expected to bring more surprises to people all around the world.