Convenient and Green Transport Begins With Fosjoas V5 Mini Self-Balancing Scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-12-23

Abstract: Fosjoas V5 self-balancing electric scooter weighs only 11.1kg while its bearing capacity can reach 120 kg. It is a true Hercules of commuting vehicles. Fosjoas V5 is light-weighted and portable. It is absolutely an environmentally friendly commuting vehicle.

Is everything so convenient in cities? The answer is not necessarily. In terms of transportation, although there are many different kinds of transport means such as bus and taxi, people might also run into the serious modern dilemma of traffic jam. People have wasted too much time in it even commuting for short distance. We can’t help thinking if there is any other transport vehicle free from traffic jam. Here, the answer is Fosjoas V5 self-balancing electric scooter. It is a brand of new and green commuting vehicles. It produces electric balancing scooter for short-distance commuting.

lightweight electric scooter

After years of independent research and development, Fosjoas has mastered the core patent and technology of producing electric balancing scooter. The Fosjoas products are firm in shape and safe to ride. The company now owns many national patents and international certificates. It is highly reputed in the industry of electric balancing scooter. Fosjoas V5 is a well-received self-balancing scooter. On the basis of an aerospace attitude control theory and fuzzy software algorithm, V5 mini electric scooter can also be called Mars Rover. Compared to other traditional means of transport, this device is smaller and lighter for short-distance commuting. Being small, it moves forward freely even in crowded streets. Being light, men or women can lift and carry it.

Fosjoas V5 is very convenient for short-distance commuting. People can ride it easily on even the most crowed and narrow roads. With its delicate figure, it carries you through any body-width space. The colourful cushion pads not only add more personality to the unit, but also offer more protection for the legs. The pads are replaceable with three colours available for your taste. With strong function, Fosjoas V5 lightweight electric scooter moves smoothly on any terrain.

V5 weighs only 11.1 kg and is easy to take. It is indispensable for protecting environment and keeping fitness. Owning Fosjoas V5 intelligent electric scooter, you will never have to cram onto a bus or drive a car perturbed by the heavy traffic.