With Fosjoas K1 Electric Skateboard to Enjoy Smooth Travels

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2016-12-29

Abstracts: For these unavoidable crowded roads, Fosjoas has introduced many intelligent products which are both helpful and interesting. Recently, Fosjoas introduced a new “flat road” to consumers—Fosjoas K1 electric drift hover board.

Though there are tough roads everywhere, Fosjoas K1 electric skateboards enable people to travel stably and smoothly. Designed with the inspirations of traditional skateboards, Fosjoas K1 self-balancing air boards are new generation skateboards with newly added power system and electric motor. Fosjoas follows the classic designs of skateboards and installed all the intelligent and electric modules under the standing boards, which demonstrates the achievements of Fosjoas in industrial designs.

The standing boards of K1 electric drift hover board are manufactured with amazing techniques. The high-quality material adopted in the standing boards make the boards as durable as possible. Being rode through hundreds of miles on bump roads, the standing boards of Fosjoas K1 maple electric skateboard will be as flat as that when riders just buy them. Of course the standing boards are the key module which demonstrates the personalized tastes of riders. The decals or stickers that riders love can be pasted on the boards.

maple electric skateboards

Besides the standing boards, another key unit Fosjoas K1 electric air board is the shock absorption units between the wheels and the boards. The shock absorption units under the boards are made of special TPU material which can reduce the bumps from the tough road conditions as much as possible. The modularized designs of the shock absorption units will make the replacement and repair of the vehicle units as easy as possible.

Moreover, the remote control of K1 maple electric skateboards are also important for stable and smooth travels because riders can adjust their directions with their fingers without delay, which is faster than by ones leg. The double circuits and main control chips on the fore wheels of K1 make the response to the commands accurate and quick.

There is no reason of not traveling with bumps on tough roads if one has Fosjoas K1. Also, with the approach of Christmas, gift-giving is an essential part for Christmas. This time, you can prepare a Fosjoas K1 electric skateboard as your children’s Christmas present.