No Traffic Jam with Low Carbon- the Travelling Aesthetics of FOSJOAS Electric Self-balancing Unicycle

Source:fosjoas begin Time: 2015-07-20

Abstract: Travel with FOSJOAS one-wheeled electric scooter to avoid traffic jam! The green and low carbon way to travel can release you from long-time waiting and jam; it can also make your life energetic and positive.

Nowadays, the idea of environmentally-friendly and green lifestyle has been accepted by the most people. As a result, people begin to pay more attention to details, such as recycling printing paper, using handkerchief replacing tissue and turning off the light when leaving, etc. However, with respect of transport, though many people choose public transportations, the main roads are still full of cars during the rush hour in particular. It makes us rethink whether the idea of low carbon life is really effective.

uni wheel self balancing scooter

If it is the truth, the condition reflects that the traditional public transportations do not meet people’s daily needs, especially in the rush hour, which even affects the implementation of low carbon travel. In the following part, FOSJOAS self-balancing electric unicycle will try to analyze this phenomenon.

People who often take bus and subway must come across such condition: there is always a certain distance between subway station or bus stop and the destination. It takes more time for people to travel under such conditions. In the rush hour, one or two minutes’ longer time means being late or cash penalty. As a result, people prefer to drive rather than wait and transfer public transportations, regardless of traffic jam.

How about using FOSJOAS best electric unicycle instead of public transportation? FOSJOAS can help people solve the problem of distance between station to destination and station to station. Travel lately but arrive early with no gasoline and parking space in a green way. Are you attracted by and interested in that?

FOSJOAS intelligent unicycle is powered by imported Sony lithium battery and its power consumption is 1 degree per 100 miles without emission. Its small size helps itself run freely in crowds or narrow space. Besides, the most advanced technology is applied in FOSJOAS electric scoter by the top technical team. High quality, high efficiency and high speed of FOSJOAS win more than 60% of the national electric unicycle market. The young also prefer FOSJOAS due to its fashionable and colorful appearance.

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Choose FOSJOAS, it helps you be far away from waiting for bus or subway and traffic jam.

FOSJOAS gives you a positive and energetic lifestyle, which also makes you travel in a low-carbon way and brightens the blue sky!