Back to the Summer in the Memory: Low-carbon Trip of I and My FOSJOAS Electric Unicycle

Source:FOSJOAS begin Time: 2015-07-22

Abstract: Maybe everyone yearns for the summer of starry sky, tree shades, glowworms and cool breeze. Today, with no summer holiday any more but the heat during work day after day, whatever can drive lazy me out is my electric unicycle, allowing me to feel the summer in a clam way.

The summer is approaching, with warmer sun and hotter air. Without any summer holiday which belongs to studenthood, people have to go out against the heat with the encouragement of a thought of air conditioning in the office and ice-cold watermelons at home. However, it is a unicycle that saves me out of this situation.

self-balance one wheel electric fosjoas unicycle

It requires a rider only to step on the pedal and control his/her center of gravity to ride an electric unicycle. Though still hot, one may feel not that hot. A rider can also hold a parasol in the scorching sun, feel the breeze blowing now and then and have a look at roadside blossomy flowers, so as to enjoy the summer in a different way.

Each season has its own distinctive activities. For example, one may enjoy the cool in summer, which is gradually replaced by having cold drinks in an air-conditioned room after air conditioning, TV set, network, computer and so on appeared. But we may miss something that is not there today but existed in our childhood.

In those days, I preferred sitting in an open place and enjoying cool breeze in the evening while having a taste of snacks. Glowworms flew through lush trees, flowers and grass. Sometimes, I lay on a mat, looked at stars in the sky, listened to some gossip and felt into sleep unconsciously. Now, only memory remains.

Tall buildings, mansions, traffic jams and haze make up what it looks like today. Fewer cars may be a solution to environmental improvement, but will also result in low efficiency and inconvenient. An electric single-wheel scooter, as a result, can be used in short-distance trip to cover the shortage of public transport without emissions. An FOSJOAS electric self-balancing scooter consumes 1~3 KWh of electricity per 100 km, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than cars.

self-balancing electric unicycle

Riding an FOSJOAS electric unicycle seems to bring me back to the summer in the childhood. By insisting on low-carbon travelling, such summer may certainly come back.