Is There Only Scenery in the Distance? FOSJOAS Self- balancing Scooter Enables Short-distance Trip

Source:FOSJOAS begin Time: 2015-07-22

Abstract: Distance makes out beauty. Beauty is visional, yet it attracts countless people chasing after. In reality, there are many tangible beauty around us, even in the city we live. Why not getting around freely, exploring the city and discovering genuine scenery.


“There are many things and creatures in the world. Some are just fit for observing in a distance. It is only the real beauty that can be viewed in a distance.” This is a quote from the Internet. Soon after, a new trend rises as people post their traveling photos on social network sites and get more attention. Distance makes out beauty. But why people only dream about distant places while neglect real scenery around us. I also crave for long-distance scenery but it is because of insatiable curiosity of human beings. I see best scenery around me, because I can feel the warmth brought along by the scenery of nearby. Therefore, I fall in love with the pastime of riding a self-balancing scooter.

self- balancing two wheeler electric scooter

My self-balancing scooter is produced by FOSJOAS, with good quality and performance. I like the word “Air” so I bought it. Air is invisible and surrounds us everywhere. It is like the city we live. Though we live in it, we turn a blind eye to it. We grumble about the dissatisfaction of life while forget about the happy time. We see only advantages of distant cities, and compare the disadvantages of our own city with them. Then we feel deeply unhappy.


We lament about the hardship and difficulties in life, shout out the heavy burdens shouldered, and expect some major revolution to change everything successfully. In fact, we forget that we should make changes only of ourselves. A person who lives in fantasy about beautiful things lack confidence in what he has already owned. How can such a person be happy who can barely manage his own life? Act now, leave behind your cellphone and virtual social network, and walk around to discover touchable beautiful and happy things in your life. You can choose to walk or ride an FOSJOAS self-balancing scooter like me to get around. FOSJOAS electric self-balancing scooter is a modern high-tech commuting vehicle powered by electricity. It is more labor-saving and fast. Unlike automobiles, we drive in a closed and narrow space. Scooters zip through streets and alleys, making us feel free and joyous. With the help of self-balancing scooters, we can carry out a journey of treasure hunt in the city, like the crazy adventure in our childhood. Getting closer to the nature, city and culture and knowing what we already possess are the basis to get satisfaction and happiness. Take action now to get out with a self-balancing scooter! 

self balancing turbo electric double wheel

Try to imagine riding a vehicle in the city you live. Does these scenery that you have once neglected give you a new and fresh feeling? The whole world is getting clear and bright. We can’t help but sigh that we are surrounded by such beautiful scenery and our city can be so poetic. I hope all of you can ride an FOSJOAS self-balancing electric scooter for excursion and explore the city you live.