The special model of FOSJOAS, self-balancing one-wheel electric scooter V6

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-08-10

FOSJOAS electric unicycle V6 is one type of one-wheel electric scooter. Its takes pride in tis agility. Therefore, many youngsters are into it. It is the reason why FOSJOAS V6 has the reputation of the king of cross-country that it is the only one rover with inches big wheel currently. In order to cooperate with the big wheel of V6, the body is designed as a wide flat and shows feats!

The high quality new tyre, with a wider contact area to the ground, has 3.8 times grip of other ordinary tires to shorter the braking distance. Furthermore, with the design of single wheel, V6 is more flexible and stable as long as you want to try all kinds of special effects.

High-tech PC material shell contributes to the body lighter, better wear resistance and stronger deformation resistance. It must can give you a passion and wild travel with its guaranteed solid to up-close contact with nature.

FOSJOAS V6, The king of the cross-country, can meet all your city travel demand. Since then, traffic jam stays far away from you, and cool travel becomes your aura. Finally, it achieves you the travel style as the king of the city.

Fosjoas V6 one-wheel electric unicycle

The latest aviation aluminium pedals, ultra-high strength, special craft processing, durable. High performance magnesium alloy body, low carbon green material, lightweight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, is the materials which is widely used by automotive industry and aerospace.

Be in line with human body engineering, the body is designed after long-term research and measurement. It is more suitable for human habits to ensure comfortable experience and fully embodies the people-oriented concept.

FOSJOAS one-wheeled electric self-balancing unicycle, with its brand and quality, give you unique travel experience as a city transportation. Keeping you away from the traffic jam, exhaust, it is low carbon environmental protection to shoot for being an urban ecological protector. It is FOSJOAS unicycle who taking you away from traffic jams.