Characteristics of FOSJOAS electric two wheel scooter K3

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-08-19

The intelligent self-balancing scooters K3 is another new type of electric scooter by FOSJOAS under Moben Global Inc. This model was pushed out the public last month this year. This model shows a sign that FOSJOAS gets shifting its focus from on recreational purpose to on the purpose of transport. Apart from this shift in purpose of use, K3 is worth noting for it has experienced a big change in its design and technology.

The whole frame of the electric scooter K3 is different from the previous models, e.g. V3, V9 and V6. It uses the sitting-posture mode. K3 is equipped with a comfortable leather saddle. The rider could sit on the leather saddle as he travels on FOSJOAS intelligent self-balancing scooter K3. If he rides the previous models, for example V9 or V3. The long-time standing will surely makes the rider feel fatigued. The fatigue has to abate the enjoyment of riding electric scooter. Therefore, the original sitting-posture mode was catching on in the market for scooter as soon as K3 saw the light of the day.

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The next characteristic is the ability to connect to phone. FOSJOAS develops an APP intended for the intelligent self-balancing scooter K3. One could freely download it from online. After that, he could control his favourite K3 on the phone. On APP, one could have an overall look at the data, mileage, power and the like. What’s more, there is a GPS on the APP, through which the owner is able to locate his scooter. Even if his K3 is stolen or lost, he could easily locate it and know where it is through the GPS on APP. Through the APP, more functions can be realised. Another important and practical function is to lock/unlock the K3 electric unicycle. When the rider leaves K3 aside with something to do, he could lock its K3 on phone so as to shield from theft.