The Foreground of FOSJOAS Personal New self-balancing scooter

Source:Fosjoas begin Time: 2015-08-21

Nowadays, FOSJOAS, being a famous brand of scooter, is in the height of its design and technology. Last month, it rolled the two-wheeled electric scooter, ushering in the age of the two-wheeled scooter. The advent of such kind of scooter has implications for the expansion of functional purpose. It makes possible the focus on the application in works and sports. Previously, the purpose of FOSJOAS scooter did not extend beyond the recreational purpose. This month, it released another two revolutionary models, K3 and U3, in which the design and technology of FOSJOAS scooter seems culminate.

If FOSJOAS intelligent self-balancing scooter is just satisfied with what it has on now and with nothing to improve, the slowdown of development is upon him. Actually, there are left much to be desired. It covers the performance, weight and the adopted energy.

fosjoas new personal self-balancing electric scooter

From the perspective of performance, the speed is a primary point to be improved. Everyone badly wants to enjoy the passion from speed. Therefore, it holds good in FOSJOAS. However, at the same time, the protection concerning safety also needs to keep pace with the speeding. Otherwise, the speeding will cause life-threatening accident.

The next point is the weight. Although FOSJOAS makes a great effort and refinement in the weight, the weight of bodywork still stands at 13 kg. It remains too heavy to carry it for a long time. As for some young female, they are fragile and delicate and not so strong to carry it as they walk. For merely the light weight makes for convenience.

The last one is the energy. The electricity power is a clean and quite available energy to be sure. In the near future, the solar power will dominate the mainstream market of power. It is cleaner and convenient. So it is imaginable that FOSJOAS will introduce it in its intelligent new self-balancing electric scooter.